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I did the easy way - just added the lines for my card to the original inf. Or to be precise just modified the card lines which had the closest ID to my card - laziness...

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You have to use a text editor to fix the inf, I had the same error like many others (no changes done), the reason was a missing file (try a manual driver installation via the device manager, I noticed that the error is a missing file...)

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Guest AlainCh

Yes, sure It's a missing file!

.. But what file ???

I would edit the inf If I knew what to look for ......

BUT : I have NO IDEA !! :-)

AlainCh ( disheveled

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Guest Bender


I just tried the driver and it works really well. But I've got one problem.

I'm using an external monitor on my laptop and after isntalling the driver my laptop monitor stays black and I can't find a way to use both. Are there any possibilities?



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Tried these with Win7 RC/8600M GT/INF from 190.15 and I can't change the size of my output to TV, just the position. Both screens flicker to black twice and the TV out (via s-video) stays the same. On top of all the drivers 185.xx and up not remembering the size and position, it's getting harder to use or recommend these drivers for laptops running mixed dual displays.

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