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AW m5750/m5790 x1800 vbios


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So I upgraded my aw m5750/m5790 alienware from an x1800 to hd 3650 and there were no problems until i tried to connect my laptop to my hdtv once again. turns out the dvi port is not fully functional (CCC and windows detects and correctly identifies my tv make and model but doesnt seem to send out a signal even though it says it does.) After a bunch of research, I am lead to believe it is a vbios setting. If any one of you will be kind enough to post an unadultered aw x1800 vbios, it would be most appreciated...

just in case you don't know how... download gpu-z from here http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1379/TechPowerUp_GPU-Z_v0.3.4.html

run the program (no install required)

and right next to where it says bios version, (under the ati logo) should be a black rectangle with a green arrow. click it, save it to a location that you will remember, and upload that file...

if i can't make this port work... i might end up selling this card off. i know its a great upgrade but I've gotten used to large real estate and have outgrown this cramped 17"


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Uniwill P72IA0 M58P 12P ATOM BIOS CRT/LCD/TV/DFP 400e/490m

This is the original vbios from my x1800. I bought a replacement for my xi1546 which is the same as AW and I took a backup of the vbios before upgrading it to the vbios available on FJS downloads section.

Can't upload as attachment, for some reason it keeps saying the upload failed. pm me and i'll send it

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