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Benefits of converting Quadro to Geforce?

Guest Jammy

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Guest Jammy

I feel sort of bad for asking these questions, as I feel certain that they must have been answered somewhere.

But after google-ing and searching this forum for a while, I haven't found said answers.

I have a Dell Latitude D620 running XP Pro with an Nvidia Quadro 110m that I'm interested in converting to a Go Geforce 7300, as my main interest is games and not AutoCAD, etc.

My questions, to anyone kind enough to answer them, are as follows:

1. Will converting a Quadro 110m into a Go Geforce 7300 (generally) make a noticeable difference in performance in games?

2. Will it improve stability in games?

3. Will it make any difference in heat - or will any difference made be wholly dependent on the kind of task being performed?

4. Lastly, will the conversion (typically) result in the loss of anything besides Quadro-specific functionality (weird display problems, loss of system stability, etc)?

I plan on doing my own homework and figuring out what the best (preferred for my situation) drivers, etc. to use are using the abundant resources on this site, but I wanted to get a sense of whether it's worth pursuing or not first.

And just in case it comes up, I totally realize that a 7300 is not about to run Crysis, etc. But I have some games from a few years back that I'm interested in playing again.

Thanks a lot.

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In my opinion fooling the system to think you have a Go 7300 may get you past some hardware check which doesn't accept quadro cards. The speed differences are minuscule in gaming.

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Guest Jammy

Thanks to you both for your replies.

That's a shame. I was under the impression that the Quadro and the Go 7300 were pretty much the same.

So I'd assume I'm best off just sticking with the regular Quadro drivers then?

Let me ask you this:

Is it still possible to make the Quadro 110m APPEAR as a Go 7300 to games that use it?

I have a problem with one game in particular that I don't with other games with very similar system requirements, and I think this may be due to the card being a Quadro and said game just not knowing what to make of it.

So if it's possible, I'd be interested in seeing if the same problem exists if the card is identified to the game as a 7300.

I don't know if I can just use the method outlined on this site to get it to force install geforce drivers and see if that works.

Or is it simply not possible/advisable to try this because the clocks are different on the Quadro 110m and the 7300?

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Just get a driver, install it via have disk method and choose go7300 from the list as your card.

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