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Put Intel 3945abg into master mode?

Guest Jammy

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Guest Jammy

I don't know if my question belonged in this forum, or the support forum, so I hope I put it in the right place.

I have a Dell Latitude D620 running XP Pro with Intel 3945abg wireless, and I'm wondering if there's any way whatsoever to make it operate in master mode?

I believe "master" mode is the proper term - basically, I want to use the 3945 as an access point.

I've read about soft ap, but it only appears to support cards with a ralink chipset, so that's out.

And I know that I could get an actual access point cheaply, etc, but that's not my interest here.

So if anyone has an answer, or could point me to a resource that does, I'd appreciate it.

Just to explain what my interest is, I'm interested in being able to wirelessly connect my homebrew-enabled Nintendo DS to my laptop without needing a separate access point.

I won't lie; I have no hardcore need for this.

It'd just...Well, it'd allow me to do some cool stuff (control computer remotely, download/upload files to and from DS, etc), and it'd be really neat to get it working.

I know other people have done this, but mostly by using soft ap I think, which doesn't appear to be an option for me.

So if anyone knows, your knowledge is desired.


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