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Sigmatel 92xx chip + Creative MB s/f + Vista64 = Fail


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As the title says, I have a Sigmatel 92xx sound card and run Windows Vista 64-bit (X64). Notebook Dell XPS M1730.

I have a licence for Creative X-Fi MB, as well as for Audigy Advanced MB. Wasted money.

The Creative's software works great under Vista 32-bit (X86), but when comming to X64 version it fails to detect my sound card saying that there is no compatible device (what the f...?).

I really need this software for EAX, CMSS-3D, Crystalizer and so on...

I'am using the latest version of Sigmatel drivers available on Dell's website (wich I installed them before Creative's software). Also tried an older version of the driver and I got the same problem.

I've tried even DanielK's modded X-Fi MB drivers, but once again - without any luck.

Now I'm really upset...

Did anyone get these drivers working in Vista64? If yes, then how? If not, then what can we do to make them work?

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Over 60 views in one day and no feedback. Too bad that this software works great with notebooks that have Realtek codecs, once again Sigmatel is a very bad codec.

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Hey, im a long time m1730 owner and forum lurker.

I also was a fan of this audio software, but when i switched to Vista 64 i was unable to use it anymore. I couldnt find any method to make it work, though i found a number of threads about it. All methods resulted in the "No supported device found..." type message.

I couldnt even get it to work on Windows XP, same message. It only ever worked on Vista 32. I run a triple boot of Vista 64/XP/Fedora 10 and was hoping to have it work on XP but no dice.

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