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Maybe a solution for all 30 sec issues!

Guest Sikander

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Why not Flash engineering Bios on to mxm cards? if it works then why not ;-)

but he speaks of AMI Bios with embedded vBios, are you sure that the 30sec start Problems which are mxm-structure related (googl for it you will find a pdf where nvidia describes how bios overtakes a tab/array of values from vbios to control the GPU entirely)

i felt like the array is just different oriented in Alienware m5550 or Amilo Pi 1546 Bios thus 30sec error that meant "i cant take control"

Instead of "haven't got ANY vbios" thus flashing wouldn't make sense right?

apart from that i know that my m5550 runs on Phoenix Bios ;-) wouldn't try to use AMI Tools on that.

HELP needed from other modders of m5550 or Amilo Pi:

I was able to unpack the first sector of the Bios ISO provided by AW then i used a Bios command line Tool to unpack the BIN from that exe inside the ISO and i was able to use Phoenix BIOS Editor to open that Bios (with some small errors)

now i can replace any module an rebuild it, what i am trying is to use the mxm-structure of another Bios (riped as a module the same way above).


Anyone out there CHANGED the Harddrive to an retail HD Drive? Bought not directly for your Laptop only?

I found a crypt module inside the Bios which prevents Booting from any other harddrive than certified ones by the OEM and that would be sick!

From an HP Forum to show you what i mean:

The reason for this is that the "TrustedCore" BIOS requires an

encrypted key to authorize any transmission from a hdd through the


research on intel's TPM for more information.

what it amounts to is that no software can run on the machine unless

this key in present, because there is a

superspecialextraseceretdecoderring chip between the CPU and the rest

of the MB.

the failing hdd had three partitions- a recovery partition(normal) and

OS partion(normal) and a 1GB unspecified, unrecognized, etc partition,

which, presumably, carries the needed info for the F(&^*** computer to


cloning the disk did not work. the partition table came through intact,

to the byte, but the system simply will not boot or recognise NY hdd

until we obtained the regulation, presumably pre-imaged, hdd from HP.

the implication is that any HP PC with the quoteunquote "TrustedCore"

BIOS is basically worthless after the warranty runs out.

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