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Asus g2s, heat problems! Need a good driver

Guest Dainai

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Guest Dainai

Hello everyone!

As everyone else with Asus G1s and g2s i have the heatproblem with my GPU. Im temprature is over 100c just when i start up a game, and after 1hour of playing the fps drops to like 5 or 6, then i have to wait until it cools off. What im looking for, are drivers that don't heat up the card that much.

Iv'e tried nvidias site but those drivers sucked hard, and i don't want to open my laptop because iv'e sent mail to the store iv'e bought it from, and im hoping they can fix it somehow. I live in Norway and we have some strict laws about this.. So i hope they could give me some good customer service.

Has anyone tried whining to the store they bought it from instead of their manufacturer(ASUS) ? I heard that Asus doesn't give a damn so i won't try emailing or calling them.



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dont expect drivers to magicly lower the temperature by 30 degrees

100 degrees celcius is way to hot for a gpu if u didnt even have the game in load(bad in load as well) yet.

maybe production flaw, best ask the seller about warrenty

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What GPU is it??/ If its the 8600M, they had heat issues, check with the supplier. Over than that, the laptop could be clogged with dust. Open it up and check. Drivers won't do anything to reduce temps by significant amounts.

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