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Hi guys

While on my continued search to find a solution for my 9800M GT running with this Powermizer option and because of lack of any replies here about the matter specially when this point to old outdated tools that dont work with new cards or dont support the tweaks I have come across this terrific new Tool, It's called Nv GPU pro, it's free and it needs a bit more support to achieve its full potential.

It works ok I get better results with this than with any other suggested tools or tweaks... No install necessary.

Enjoy and Admins pls put it under the tools topic since im not able to Post a new topic there. Thats where this belongs.

Nv GPU Pro Download Version

Where I found this gold gem.


Enjoy guys!!!

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The author of that has posted here before.

Neither his prog or powermizer switch used to work with 185.XX onwards.

Has nothing to do with newer cards, and if you'd tried the switch prog you would have solved your problem.

PM Switch is in the progs thread and that doesn't require updating. There was a news post about v2 and it is the same link.

Nv GPU Pro is not really meant for mobile cards. PM Switch is.

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mmmm well something is clear to me, I have one card working out of two, the developer says it will support sli fairly soon and makes no mentions on not being made to work with mobile GPU's so Im at a loss what it is that you were saying. I did contact the developer regarding my experience and problems/issues.

PM Switch has not been suggested as a fix to any of my issues before and using it still yelds the same exact results on my system as the Powermizer switch version 1.2, meaning no joy on SLI either.

Thanks for your input even if nothing really came of it.


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The "tweaks" that he has are already found in the modded inf that pieter has made.

It simply allows you to turn the selected some of those settings off/on.

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Yea well still cant get powermizer Disabled on both 9800m GT cards with either tool or by directly modding the registry settings.

Any suggestions on how t get this sorted and disable powermizer on my system for both cards would be apprecciated, I have also tried the modded drivers with non satisfactory/better results, I have researched all I found on this and so far ziltch. There has to be a way to disable this darned thing on 9800m GT cards, I get the feeling this is a card specific tweak since non of the others have worked so far with any drivers modded or not or with any tools.


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9800M GT = 8800M GTX the same card.

I can disable powermizer fine using reg settings

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what both cards on same machine? I mean you have the 8800GTX in SLI and it works? FYI the cards are almost the same not exactly the same since the 9800m GT works with photoshop CS4 and the 8800GTX does not.

Either way I cant get the SLI or non SLI to change both cards to 500mHz only the first card gets affected. Also Im using non modded version of drivers as you know 186.24 to be exact. Still not available from nVidia but availble here as OEM and non OEM no inf provided with either.

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