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9600M GT Fan control?


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Is it possible to control fan speeds on my HP DV5-1095EO with 9600M GT 512MB DDR2?

Tried with RivaTuner, but it doesn't show fan tab. Also tried enabling "AllowBinaryFanSpeedControl" from RivaTuner power user, but it didn't help.

I'm running on Vista x86, I have latest bios F.16, 185.85 Dox's drivers and Powermizer is disabled.

Overclocking works.

Overall I have tried these apps :


EVGA Precision

nTune (Grayed out Automatic and manual cooling)

ATI Tool


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Guest ionut_morfeus

because u can't, the hp has just one fan that cools your processor and your video card that means u wont be able to set any parameters for your video card to cool it.i for one have a cooling pad on my hp dv5 - 1140 el and runs almost smothly in the actual conditions that outside are 40 degrees and i'm playing the latest games at 70 degrees on my video card. you shoul try it also it's not much but it will do the work.if you want to contact me for other details ionut_morfeus@yahoo.com

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