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hello all, im new to this website.. and this is my first post. I really need help on this..

Today, I installed Windows 7 RTM Cracked and used the 7Loader provided by Orbit30, i'm not sure if it modded my BIOS I only clicked Install OEM Information for my Acer Computer, and i also pressed Install 7Loader... after that I followed everything my W7 is cracked but my Vista is stuck ( since im dualbooting ) sorry for my noobness but I have no idea what is inside in the 7loader meaning: does it auto-mod the SLIC? will it screw up my SLIC and i can't restore from my Acer Recovery Disc back to Vista ? I kept researching but all i see are downloads..


Is my SLIC modded once i pressed Install OEM Information and Install 7Loader?

Is there any way to revert it back to my original SLIC? [ Forgot to back it up ] ( any other methods if not? )

My Vista stopped loading at boot screen the green progess bar. I have no idea what happened after I installed that? Is there anyway to get into it?

My system:

Acer Aspire AM5700, Intel Quad Core Q8200 2.3GHz, 4GB RAM, 640 GB HDD, Super Multi-Drive, Nvidia Geforce G100 512 MB Dedicated, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows 7 RTM...


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