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NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D driver handle leak


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Appears NVIDIA's Stereo 3D drivers have a bit of a leak in them.

Recommended steps are to disable the 'NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Driver' service until the updated driver is released.

Start -> services -> Right click on 'NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Driver' and select properties -> Set Automatic to disable

Affected: GeForce 8800 GT and higher, 9600 GT and higher, or any GeForce 200 series and higher, using driver version 186.xx and up.

Update (8/10): A NVIDIA representative has indicated the fix will be “available in the next driver release” sometime this month.

While poking around Process Explorer, I stumbled upon a process having a curiously high handle count. Having dealt with leaky components before, I identified the 64 handle/minute pattern almost immediately.

Read more at WithinWindows.com -- NVIDIA Handle Leak

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Does this mean that it's leaking into the 4th Dimension ?

What is it leaking ? I checked all the doors and I still have the same amount of handles as yesterday :)

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Thanks for the update.

Look forward to the next set of beta drivers to test their claims. Sad we have to wait so long for such a severe issue.

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