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How (Can) I overclock my Acer 5920G?

Guest ChrisF

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Guest ChrisF

I have owned my Acer 5920G for about a year now and never really considered that it could be used for gaming (Im a caveman, I allways assumed only Desktops could be used for gaiming). Anyways, recently my Desktop broke and I figured it couldn't hurt to try out my laptop with some games, so I gave COD 4 a try and was surprised to find out it worked alot better than on my desktop, so then I decided to download the Crysis demo to see how it worked, turns out not to well, even on its absolute lowest settings.

Ive been reading around the web for ways to speed up my comp to be able to play Crysis and Ive heard about something called Overclocking, now consider me the villiage idiot, I know nothing about computers so if anyone can explain this better to me and help me do it that would be great.

Im running Windows Vista and have these components:

Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz, 800MHz FSB, 4 MB L2 Cache)

Up to 1024 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS TurboCache



Thanks in Advance for any responce. :)

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try nvidia system tools for gpu overclock

it only overclocks when the software set in the program is started and downclocks to normal speed when its shut down if you set it right, its an easy program to use

upgrade small steps at a time tho

so dont go for example 600 to 700 right away, doesnt work like that

go up 2% overclock steps is easy way to do it (on my oppinion)

so go for example 612 - 510 - 1020 (example standard clocks 600 - 500 - 1000) so you dont ###### up your gpu since you have no experience with it

play a game 30 mins and see what temperature it goes, about 85 celcius shouldnt be a problem in load

if going fine, go up another notch of 2% so this time change to 624 , 520 , 1040

and so on

check the temperature with GPU-Z or PCWIZARD

overclocking the cpu is something i havent achieved myself yet either altho

you can replace the notebook cpu as mobile cpu's are sold in some stores nowadays as well

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My Video Card is 8600mgs too.

standard clocks 500/1000/400 core/shader/memory

i do not suggest you use nvidia system tools!apparently you dont use nvidia's chipset.you use Intel's.maybe it'll lead to some problems.

Try rivatuner.it's a powerful tool.but not every nvidia drivers support.

another choice is EVGA Precision.An easy and efficient tool.

my overclock 550/1200/450

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