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driver for Ge Force 7150M


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I own an HP DV9925NR, removed vista, and installed

XP 32bit instead. Everything works fine but I can't play any DVD

and my microphone doesn't work.

I have a Controler VGA yellow mark in the device manager.

So I figured reinstalling my video card could resolve the problem

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Hi ricoxl,

Just busy to respond to many posts.

We have no driver in the database that supports your XP 32bit system natively. There are Vista drivers however - =xp&os[]=vista"]link... Your best bet is to grab the latest XP 32bit driver and associated INF. I would suspect your laptop is rather new and XP drivers for it might be hit and miss as in the hardware would be newer so there are no drivers written for it in XP. You might be using generic MS drivers which might not support the mic among other things. The DVD should be irrelevant and should work. You can always check HP driver support to see what was released for your system.

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A supported 7150m XP driver is 156.55 but it's very old. Most of the newer drivers give you a BSOD on boot if you install them on XP with 7150m. It works fine in Vista and Windows 7.

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