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Suggestion / Information Regarding the IDT + m1730

Liquid Freedom

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hey guys to make this easier, why don't we separate the posts based on Brand, Eg; Dell, Hp , Compaq so on. this way information is a little better organized.

i took 45 minutes today and spoke with Dell regarding the m1730 and windows 7, They do have a driver for IDT that is 100% functioning. but they require a 69.00 fee + taxes. as they said it is a 3rd party driver ( Smells bulls*** ) gonna be calling my State Attorney General about it.

Below is a Partial Log of the Chat.

08/14/2009 03:10:32PM tom : "ok i have a hypothetical question"

08/14/2009 03:11:00PM tom : "does someone need to have a service tag to get this driver ?"

08/14/2009 03:11:07PM tom : "or do they just need to pay"

08/14/2009 03:11:30PM Agent (Sup_Vijay_79407): "The payment is for the support"

08/14/2009 03:11:35PM tom : "ok"

08/14/2009 03:12:00PM tom : "why make us pay for support if you have the driver"

08/14/2009 03:12:51PM tom : "i can understand if you had to make a new driver, for the customer. but you just told me the driver for this sytem is complete"

08/14/2009 03:12:56PM Agent (Sup_Vijay_79407): "You are charged an amount as this is a software related issue and its the software support who have got the resolution for this"

08/14/2009 03:13:06PM tom : "its not a software issue tho"

08/14/2009 03:13:09PM tom : "its a hardware issue"

08/14/2009 03:14:04PM tom : "Hardware wont function without drivers, and if you are going to put drivers under software related issues i definately will be contacting my attorney general"

08/14/2009 03:15:04PM Agent (Sup_Vijay_79407): "Well, its just that the drivers are downloaded from the third party support website."

08/14/2009 03:15:38PM tom : "Really what 3rd party website ?"

08/14/2009 03:16:08PM Agent (Sup_Vijay_79407): "Its the website for IDT Audio drivers."

08/14/2009 03:16:19PM tom : "IDT doesnt have a website for that"

08/14/2009 03:16:54PM tom : "IDT requires the OEM to " Edit " the driver for the device"

08/14/2009 03:17:06PM tom : "want to try again ?"

08/14/2009 03:17:11PM Agent (Sup_Vijay_79407): "Its not the direct IDT website, this is something the software support have a fix for."

08/14/2009 03:17:35PM tom : "if its not the IDT website, then it is a DELL webite"

08/14/2009 03:17:43PM tom : "hence it is not 3rd party"

08/14/2009 03:18:11PM Agent (Sup_Vijay_79407): "We do not have the drivers available in the DELL website."

08/14/2009 03:18:28PM tom : "not The main dell website"

08/14/2009 03:18:52PM tom : "whats the URL for this 3rd party source ?"

08/14/2009 03:19:32PM tom : "the Attorney General will need it so i can show him that it is Owned by Dell, and hence not 3rd party"

08/14/2009 03:20:06PM tom : "unless you are going to claim that it is a wholly owned subsidiary of dell that dell does not see as a part of its corporate structure"

08/14/2009 03:20:26PM Agent (Sup_Vijay_79407): "I would not be able to disclose that information"

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Damn that stinks. So they are offering the IDT drivers for the newer Studio-XPS laptops, but they did not offer them for M1730? That laptops have (almost) the same audio configurations, is that hard to make it work?

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how many people here have a Dell?

how many people here that have a dell think that dell should have to give us the driver, without us having to pay for it?

How many of you believe what dell is doing is Illegal and should be punished for it ?

if you answered yes above, then send me an email @ Thomas.w.design%%@%%gmail.com and remove the "%". i will be contacting an attorney tomorrow about this. i believe this is grounds for a class action suit, for fraud.

lets make them answer for their crimes and get us working drivers damn it.

Edited by Liquid Freedom
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Please post more of the chat log so that we can get some better context for the part you posted. Specifically, I'd be interested to see the discussion preceding the part you posted where the idea of an existing unreleased driver first came up and was confirmed by the Dell person.

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