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Sony Vaio FZ21Z 8600M GS - S Video Issue.....


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I have a Sony Vaio FZ21Z that has a 8600M GS card, which works 100% with the original Sony drivers (ForceWare 101.28), but if I update them to any other driver I lose the use of S Video, and depending on the driver, I also lose the sound through the HDMI connection.

What's frustrating though, is that it's detecting the TV through S Video as a HDMI TV, my screen resolution on my laptop gets changed when I plug the TV in, and if I make changes such as the resolution, an image of my desktop will appear on the TV for a split second then go back to being blank, so a signal is able to get through, it just doesn't hold it.

I'm not a massive gamer, but do play games on my laptop which is why the original drivers are no good, but I like to watch films in bed which is why I need the S Video connection to work, otherwise I have to go through the process of unistalling and reinstalling the drivers, like if I want to play PES in a bit so will have to reinstall 180.84.

The drivers I now use to game are Dox Optimised 180.84, and have tried others, but only the original ones work hassle free. I have searched the net for solution to no avail, so any help would be much appriciated.


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