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Problem with Toshiba X205, HDMI to DENON 3808 only 2 Channel


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Hey guys....

Just wondering if anyone has a fix...

I am trying to watch MKV via my laptop...connecting it to my denon 3808 via HDMI cable...

i'm just getting stereo sound...the mkv is showing 5.1 DD sound... i've tried installing the latest realtek hd audio codec R2.30 with the 190.40 driver from here... and still wont give me the 5.1 sound to my speakers.

Anyone else having the same problem?

I have a toshiba x205 with the 8700m GT if that helps.

I even tried installing the original video card file & audio file from Toshiba support website and even if i play the HD-DVD...it's still giving me stereo.... (this is played without outputing to my amp...)

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Well regarding your problem i dont know the solution, but there's one thing that is puzzling me... how did you managed to put the x9000 processor in your lappie?

I have a toshiba x200 25f, european version, featuring a T9300 (2,5 ghz) and i would like to know if it is possible to upgrade my cpu.

thanks in advance...

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