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GTX 280M flickering in SLI fullscreen only


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Hi guys, first post here but I had to sign up as this is the home of Dox drivers. :]

I just bought a new Clevo M980NU notebook, and one of the guys from my the company that put it together is due over here to replace my CPU next week (they put the wrong one in!) Incase it's faulty hardware, I'll ask them to swap the graphics out too. But Googling seems to show that it may be a software issue.

Right, my problem is that I have the all-too-common SLI flickering when any 3D app is in fullscreen SLI, on any resolution (but not in window mode or single GPU, on any settings). It's a blue and yellow flickering that's either horizontal bars scrolling down the screen, or with vsync on it's just clouding/flashing of the same colours. I've tried a whole range of drivers, from the Clevo stock (177.79), some 180s, 182s, 185s, 186s and 186 betas. I'm currently using Dox 185.85, installed for standard SLI x64.

I've also tried vsync on global profile and in game, AA, AFR2, and tweaking around with pretty much every game profile setting in NVCP. This has been tested in Counter Strike: Source, Crysis, and 3DMark Vantage. The issue is the same in all those apps under the same conditions mentioned above.

Anything else I could do that may fix this while I wait for the hardware to be checked out?


Mobo: Clevo M980NU

CPU: Intel core2quad Q9000 2.0ghz (soon to be swapped for a core2duo P9700 2.8ghz)

RAM: 4GB 1333Mhz DDR3 Micron Technology

GPU: GeForce GTX 280M x2 SLI (Dox 185.85)


OS: Vista x64

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