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GeForce 440 Go - No 1280x800 under Windows 7

Guest ChrisFromGlasgow

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Guest ChrisFromGlasgow

Hey fellas,

I was referred here as I am having some issues and was told you guys are probably the best. I have took the time to read some FAQ's here but largely im still a bit baffled. Basically I have an antique HP zv5383EA laptop with a built-in 440 Go 64MB graphics card. I recently upgraded from XP 32-Bit to Windows 7 RC 64-bit. I installed what I thought were the correct drivers from nVidia but Im only getting 1024x768 resolution - on a widescreen laptop it's horrible!

So basically I am in need of a driver that supports the GeForce 440Go and will install to 64-bit Windows 7 RC. Now, I have searched prior to creating this topic but I've had no luck. Windows 7 runs so much better than XP (or at least seems like it) and this resolution issue is the only problem im having. I would thoroughly appreciate if someone could help me in this matter.

- Chris

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I have a ZV5000 with the same graphics hardware and I haven't been able to find any Win7 drivers that work other than the generic VGA driver. Which driver did you end up using?

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