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8600mgs defective gpu


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hi,my latop with the 8600mgs defective gpu went dead once(grey screen when booting),and the warranty is approaching.now all i want is to make it dead again,so that i can extend the warrenty, it's been oc to 650/1300 470 and running 24/7 , i play cod4 and ctrl+esc to destop all the time,make the temperature go up(to96) and down(to 70) for a long time ,so can anyone tell me some useful skills to make it dead.or tell me any forum that discuss this problem. thanks in advance.

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OC the video GPU, turn up the heat in the room, and play the s*** out of games at highest settings. If that doesn't do it, then maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

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Overclocking is such a bad idea, since if it crashes when it's OC you can't revert it to default settings. They would check the clocks and break your warranty.

You could unplug your cooler from the mainboard, wait until GPU fries and plug it back in. Or electrostatic discharge would probably do it as well. Like rub your GPU with a plastic bag or styrofoam.

But I'm just thinking, you do everything at your own risk.

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