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Cant update driver - 5700

Guest Pontiac

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Guest Pontiac


I came to this forum because I have a not official supported Desktop GPU Card with the latest drier :w00t: !

The latest official driver is from 2006 :P .

In the FAQ I read this

This means ALL nVidia based graphics cards (TNT2, GeForce and Quadro) can use ANY of the drivers after using our 'modification'.

And later:

Supportet desktop GPUS:

NVIDIA_NV36.DEV_0343.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE"


This is my Card. So I tried to use the modded INF with the drivers. But somehow sometimes its not possible(The typical eror as without modding) or it installs but later windows says the card has some troubles and is deactivatet... :) I tried various version form 17x,18x,19x and a bit more :)

Can someone help me finding a working driver?(Vista/Windows 7)

The offial driver works but with some games I have big troubles :unsure: (Its 96.85)

Thank you for your answers!

Sry for my English :unsure:


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Can't help to find the driver, but to the inf support: The modified inf may enable the driver for every card but NVidia has dropped the support for older cards and in future next cards to be dropped are 6.xxx cards. The newest drivers probably don't work with old cards as the drivers may call for some feature the old cards simply don't have.

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Guest Pontiac

Thank you!

But for me is the question: Is it a hardware/driver problem or is it because im doing something wrong???

Are there any premodded drivers?Like the DOX-Drivers but for Desktop?????I tried G-tweaked but they ont work....

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