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Performence is droping after few rebots, HELP

Guest Mark

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I've the strangest problem with all non stock driveres in my Gateway P-6860FX(CPU upgraded to x7900).

After instalation any drivers (mobile from nvidia, xfastest, Dox, Tweekers and standart laptopvideo2go with mod inf)all possible versions 1,7xx/1,8xx/1,9xxx and lastest physx(or older versions cosu i've tryied that also:/). Instalation done as should - uninstaled older one, used driver sweaper to clean leftovers everything is good till second or third rebot. Best score was DOX 185,68 temps droped to 47C in stady mode and 73C in stress(before 86C), 3dmark06 was perfest, over 9300 pt (before 8780) and after OC over 10400 pt.

But as soon as i reboot the laptop once again my temp went back to odl 60C and 86C and my performence in 3dmark droped to 7300 pt!

Downloaded your powermizer swich and swiched turned it on off but it didn't helepd.

Every test i made since then in 3dmark 06 is around 7100-7300 pt and i also lost about 8-10 FPS in Crysis.

This score is example to one drivers but the same thing ocure with each and every one, good performence at first(or no if it is a crapy driver) then worst and worst...

My GPU is 8800M GTS, laptop is Gateway 6860FX (upgraded CPU to x7900).

My, windows updates are off so it can't be something that microsoft instaled that made things bad.

Please coudl somebody tell me what to do to make it work like it worekd at the begining?

But please don't tell me to stick to gateway driveres cous they sucks, they are old, have no support to physx and cuda and performence is terrible.

Also sorry for my bad english i've tried my best:-)

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