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Celica VVTi / GT Nordschleife lap in HD 720p


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I have done another visit to the nurburgring nordschleife The Ring :)

I was there 09-09-09 and i have put down an amaizing lap of 9min08sec

<--- Celica 720P HD Movie

I also did a hotlap in my friends Toyota IQ ! of 10min 37sec also pretty amaizing for such a little car with an 1.0 68 hp engine

<--- Toyota iQ lap



this is what i do besides simraceing on the pc :)

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Hehe, just watched the Top Gear episode where a German Woman did a 10:15 lap of the same cicuit in a Ford Transit Diesel van.

Wonder how my Caldina GTT would go on the track

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Got a video where Hans-Joachim Stuck drives Nordschleife in a little over 8 mins with BMW M3;

here another, where the time is 6.48: Radical SR8LM Record: http://www.fastdrive.org/vids/media/1235/Radical_SR8LM_Record/

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