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I've been trying a few drivers trying to use the "manage custom resolution" option on the Nvidia Control Panel, it has only worked for two drivers, the 180.84 and 179.48 however, the 180.84 freezes or gets the BSOD very frequently, it's incredibly annoying. And the 179.48 is reaaaally bad on the newer and older games [low fps, choppy-etc], the purpose of this is for the infamous 59Hz Battlefield issue, so my questions are:

**Is there a way to know custom resolutions will work with a certain driver before downloading it?

**Is there a way perhaps to change the modded inf file so that it will allow custom resolutions at a certain refresh rate once the driver is installed?

This is what I usually get when trying custom resolutions in this instance, 800x600 @ 60Hz which is the requirement to open BF2 [since mine is 59Hz it simply CTD]:


Even after clicking on the box that says "Allow modes not exposed by the display". What I find weird is that the 180.84 and 179.48 allow the refresh rate to be changed but the others don't, it has me really baffled. This is where I need your input, I am in no way a computer expert so I have limited knowledge in this area, your help is greatly appreciated. So, thank you very much in advance for your help. :)

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I just tested 190.89 behaviour in this respect and found out what resolutions my external BenQ supports. Some surprise in the low end; 1680x1050 works @44-51, 59-61 and 74-75 Hz.

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Thanks. :)

Is there any way to change the modded INF so that the driver will be able to accept custom resolutions @60Hz?

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The modified inf should have no effect to the driver behaviour in this respect - the driver lets the custom resolutions to be created or not. The more mature drivers should behave better than beta drivers. If you can't find the info you must test yourself - the WHQL drivers are most probably the best contenders. Or have a try with Dox 185.85 version.

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I see, thank you very much for clearing that. :)

I'll give Dox's 185.85 a try right now.

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