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8600m GT 3dmark06 6000point done


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hello i'm from middle kingdom :)

my 8600m gt 3dmark06 6000 points done :)

i use asus c90p laptop

cpu intel E5200 oc 3.35g

GPU CORE 450/900/MEM700 -> 600/1540/750

driver version 190.89

i mod this card's name

one problem .this cark can't be overclock use any software method.(rivatunner or nvidia system tool .....all useless}. only shader can be overclock.

i don't know why. maybe blocked in the bios?

so i mod bios.







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Respectable with 8600M GT and default resolution!

My FX1600M (=8700M GT) has done about 6200 at best - but not tried in a long time.

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Yes this post is misleading. The top picture is showing 8600 GTS and the bottom 8600M GT, though not sure why you'd force a tag of 8600M GT on a desktop. Then I believe the E5200 processor is desktop only? Maybe Asus used some desktop chips...

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Yes, it's a gaming laptop, overclockable, with desktop CPU:

CPU: Desktop socket 775 CPUs

FSB: 1,333 MHz

Chipset: Intel P35 Express

Memory: Two DDR2 SO-DIMM sockets supporting up to 4 GB of DDR2-667 or DDR2-800.

Display: 15.4” LCD with 1680x1050 native resolution

Video card: MXM slot accepting up to GeForce 8700M GT

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The picture does not show an 8600m with 6000+ 3DMark06 as the poster claims.

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haha, it's fake probably, i get 5945~ with the 191.56 driver oced to 590/1500/910

maybe if dox tunes it, it will be a legit 6k on a g1s LOL!!

i also oced with the bios, the only flaw is that nvidia drivers slow you down when you go past 80c, this is cuz in the bios it adds +7c to you real temp, and i don't know how to change it. maybe if we can hack the drivers and give them fake temps we can get even higher...

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