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GeForce Go 7150 low fps


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Okay, it's been a while since i've been here, but here goes. yesterday evening i tried driver v 191.03 with a modded inf. it worked great, spectacular in fact. i play a relatively non graphic intensive game, Crossfire. I used to average around 60-113 FPS depending on location, and yes, this is with GFX cranked and the GPU on performance. I did the regedit for powermizer, to shut it off completely. then, my laptop began to give me issues. mind you, this is with PM off for at least a year, and no oc'ing. I've used countless drivers in the past, ranging from 185.85 Dox optimized to 191.03. now here's my issue, with the PM regedit to shut it off, and the driver being the one windows thinks to be the best, i'm averaging about 17-24fps. i can't figure out what it could be, is there a program i can run? DxDiag doesn't show any problems, i'm wondering if one of the few pipelines busted. i know it's a crap chip, but i was doing well with it. my WEI is still 3.3, and everything performs fine outside of Crossfire. could it possibly be an issue within the game itself? any help would be much appreciated. oh, im also running Win7 x64 Ultimate, thank you for the help in advance.


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