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Nvidia integrated Geforce 7150m/nforce 630m

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Any help anyone can provide would be great.

I have an Hp pav dv9925 laptop, AMD Turion 64x2 tl-60, 2ghz, 4gb ram. At this point, neither nvidia, Hp or Ms has win7 supported drivers for my laptop(integrated 7150m/nforce 630m). I tried installing the versions for the desktop card version (7150m/630i) and thought that my problem was fixed but it didn't last.

My biggest issue is the chipset driver. When I connect an external USB HD, either copying large files/folders or running a general back-up freezes up my pc and eventually I have to do a forced shut-down. Even if I can end the processes involved, my cpu remains maxed and the laptop barely functions. Mouse, etc become unresponsive and though I don't actually get the BSOD, it lists that as the error type. Copying single files doesn't seem to be an issue but anything over a gb or so and i have the problem. My drives are all tested with every test I can find and pass including SMART, and I even bought a brand new external WD500gb passport just to see if it was my old drives but had the same problem.

I have visited several forums and am of belief it is the nforce chipset driver. Searching this info on laptopvideo2go re-directs me to nvidia's site which of yet has no supported win7 drivers. MS refers me to HP which refuses to offer any 7 support until OCT 22 though my copy is legal(technet). I don't have much experience with this hardware as I am not a gamer and am happy with the performance I get-at lest most of the time, and even if I wasn't, the integrated card doesn't leave a whole lot of options. I am also having a hard time finding the driver file for the chipset. Can anyone tell me how I find it or figure out exactly which driver I have installed?

I had been told you guys do modded inf drivers that aren't limited to specific cards and that it was possible you may have something Win7x64 compatible that will work with my particular card?? If so, can you point me in the right direction? I was unable to find any info in your forums and as a side note, I had none of these issues with Vista-could copy 7-8 folders,ea of multiple gb with no performance issues- but would hate to switch back for one tiny issue when I'm loving 7 vs Vista(I'm one of the few who actually prefers vista to xp but since RC1, I don't even use Vista or XP anymore).

Thanks in advance,


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