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9800m GTS display stop working problem NEED HELP!!!


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Hi.. i have problem display stop working and recover, after i playing game online Combat Arms, i always have this problem. sometime my laptop hang for a minute then it back to normal again.

sometimes hang , i got to restart / reboot my laptop.

anybody know what the problem i got?

my laptop is :

gateway FX7805u


9800m GTS 1GB and lates driver 186.81 whql

temps when playing games about 60-65

HDD seagate 320GB

I used the dox 185.85 but have same problem...

Thank's for help me

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Guest Thejoker

Well, bit of a problem u got there,

I had the same for a long long time... flashed my bios and all errors where gone, u didnt tell if it only happens with Combat Arms or other games.

If i was u i'd clean install dox's driver again, u know, uninstall driver,use drivesweeper from guru3d in save mode and install.. if that doesnt work try updating ur computer bios.

greetz, thejoker

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You might want to try the 19x drivers or the newest one that NVIDIA has. I had problems like that with most of the Dox drivers on my 7805u, but the newest that NVIDIA lists and a few of the 19x drivers have been running fine for me.

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Guest tnelson

I have the same computer (Gateway 7805u) with the same problem. I am playing Empire Total War & have had it freeze up so many times. Also, every so often the desktop gets all pixelated when the computer is just idle...although eventually that goes away. I have had to reinstall the driver I got from Gateway website so many times already, it is just so annoying.

I don't know if that helps...probably not, but I just thought I'd let you know it's not just you.

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Guest Brianus

Hello, I have the same problem, latest drivers from NVIDIA, but im curious as to the other stuff mentioned. I am ignorant when it comes to alot of the details behind computers. what is dox and where can I find those drivers. and the 19x drivers are'nt out for laptops yet im sure....i checked those everywhere. the latest for the notebook pcs from NVIDIA is still the 186.1 or whatever it is.

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