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Looking for Video BIOS Geforce Go 6600 on Toshiba Qosmio G20-106


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Hi @all,

my GPU seems to be defective. Windows reports an error on the device in the device manager. Sometimes the NVIDIA driver loads correctly when Windows starts, but after a few minutes the OS crashes with a bluescreen after showing some graphical errors on the screen. (I´ve tried several driver versions, including the latest from here with enhanced INF). But most times the standard vga driver loads with windows (that´s when the device manager reports the error) and everything is working stable. The problem with the standard vga driver is just that you can´t use hardware acceleration and not the optimal screen resolution.

I´d like trying to flash the bios, maybe the bios data is corrupted in some way. Everywhere across the internet people are reporting this failure in their Qosmios. In my home country, there is even a company selling a recovery service for Qosmio GPUs. You can send them your Laptop and they repair the GPU for 120 Eur with a "special procedure" (that´s what they´re saying). So I guess there must be some easy way to recover this common error.

Can anyone help me? Currently I´m running Windows 7 x86 Build 7100.

Regards from Cologne, Germany


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I don't think this is a GPU BIOS issue, but I don't have any suggestions for what the problem is. Sorry.

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Maybe, but I thgought I´d give it a try. Some users say that this model has an overheating problem. I don´t know cause I got it the way it is now. I completely disassembled it and cleaned it up.

But I wonder what this company I mentioned does - they cannot fix a notebook GPU that´s defective for 120 Eur. That GPU is soldered on the mainboard, you can´t simply exchange it. There are even customers who state that their fixed GPUs work, and you pay only if does.

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