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Geforce 7400 Go Vista Crashes During Installation


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I was hoping someone has a solution to my problem. I have a Sony Laptop with a Geforce 7400 Go. I am pretty sure its a display driver problem but I can't seem to find a solution. Basically I tried to install a fresh copy of Vista Ultimate 32 bit (not the orginal restore DVD) and after it installs all the componets it restarts to try to go to the startup screen but the screen goes blank or it crashes and restarts.I then tried to install Windows 7 and it installs with a a generic vga driver. When I try to install the (Nvidia vista version) display driver and it restarts the computer and then it goes blank again or crashes. Does anyone know how to fix the problem or point me in the right direction. I should also mention the startup screen and bios screen have blue vertical lines but its probably because there is no display driver.

Thanks for your help

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I should also mention the startup screen and bios screen have blue vertical lines

Sorry to say this, but it sounds like your graphics card is fried. As soon as it tries to load drivers, and tries to use the graphics card, it crashes out as the memory on it has gone. The blue lines reflect this as well, as even without a driver, a picture cannot be displayed correctly.

If you can take the graphics card out, the oven method should work (there is a post on this somewhere on the forum, but I cannot seem to find it at the moment)

Hope that helps

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I do have a normal picture with Windows 7 generic display driver. I just cant watch dvds since it says it has less then 64mb of video memory. I know my HP laptop has a fried graphics card since it only works on a external display at 4bit color option. I am hoping its not a bad card but let me know if you still think it is.


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