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HD 3650 some questions, help


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Hi togehter.

In order to increase my chance to get maybe some help, i write the equal threat in the (English) section.

My Notebook:

Amilo XI1526

Alienware 1.19b Bios

4GB Ram

T7600 CPU

Lets begin with the card. I bought a HD 3650 512mb dd2 via ebay and i build this in my NB and it is working so far.

But i think its not working on full performance, cuz my 3dmark rating suxx kinda hard. I only get around 3800 points.

Soem strange thing is, if u look at the GPU-Z infos, the GPU and Memory clocks are the real ones, but the Sensors just show me the standard lowclock's.

2nvxk.jpg 1w7jm.jpg

Another thing is, when i stress this card to the limit, the temperature wont rise over 65°C. This is kinda low and shows me, there is much potential left :)

Is now my Graphiccard working aleready on full performance? What i need to do, to oc this little thing? Vbios?

I rly hope, some1 outside there can help me :)



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From notebookcheck.net:

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 M86 120 600 600 700 128 10.1 55 3DMark01 22425 3DMark03 9627 3DMark05 7543 3DMark06 3517.

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Thx 4 the answer.

The 3dmark06 with 3517 ist graphiccardvalue solely. When i subduct the CPU and other stuff my points will drop significant.

With ATI Tray Tool i tryed once more to oc this little thing, again without any success. But i know now a bit more.

Idle the clocks are between ~54/~100 mhz, when starting the 3d mode is just rise up to the above seen 297/247. In someway this graphiccard is working only with reduced clocks.

I rly need help to fix it :/

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Because of ddr2 VideoRAM,your HD 3650 can only get 3800.ddr2 video ram's frenquency can only be up to 400Mhz but gddr3 vram can reach 800Mhz.

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