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Downloading INF issue for 186.81


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I am trying to download the modded INF for the 186.81 driver. It says that the site is being updated or something, then when I try to click on the link to download to INF the webpage tells me of an error that has occured and no download comes. Does anyone know what this might be?

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This one is probably an LV2Go issue, but next time good thing to try is download via "Save link as..." or using another browser, e.g. IE.

Catch mate :)


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Guest Samecoin

Sorry to high jack the thread but I am having the same issue, but with the drivers.

I am unable to download the INF file for 185.89 for vista 64 or 162.30 for vista 64

while I am here If it is ok is I pose a question concerning my an ongoing problem that would be great.

I am on an Inspiron 1720 with a Nvidia 8600m gt and I simply have had no luck finding the drivers necessary to

WoW at 30+ fps consistently. That is the reason I am seeking to try the said drivers any input would be great.

thank you.

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Guest Samecoin

Turn down the shadow quality to low and report back.

Oh Ive already done all of that I have all my settings as low as they go.

In raid or certain hot spot I drop to sup 10 fps. While I read all over the net

that others with lesser card ram cpu and such are not dropping under 30fps under

in situation.

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