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Sager NP9280


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Intel® Core™ i7-920 Processor (2.66GHz) / i7-940 (2.93GHz) / i7-950 (3.06GHz), 8MB L3 Cache, 4.8 GT/sec QPI, LGA 1366

Intel® Core™ i7-965 (3.20GHz) / i7-975 (3.33GHz) Processor Extreme Edition (3.20GHz), 8MB L3 Cache, 6.4 GT/sec QPI, LGA 1366

Core Logic

Intel® X58 Chipset + ICH10R


Supports Triple Channel DDR3 SDRAM

Three 204Pin SODIMM sockets

Expandable up to 12GB DDR3 1066MHz (32 bit OS editions have a memory limitation of 2.8 GB. Other hardware or application limitations may further prevent use of all installed memory. Windows Vista 64bit is required for memory configurations of 4GB and above.)


17" (16:10) WUXGA (1920x1200) with Super Clear Glare Type Screen

Graphics Processor

nVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 280M with 1GB DDR3 Video Memory

PCI-Express™ 16X

Microsoft® DirectX® 10 Compatible

MXM 3.0, Type B

Support HDCP


3x Detachable 2.5" 9.5mm (H) SATA Hard Disk Drives,

Hardware RAID-0 / 1 / 5 support

1 12.7mm (H) Optical Drive Bay, SATA Interface,

Interchangeable with DVD±R/RW Combo drive, Blu-ray/DVD±R/RW Combo Drive

Audio System

Built-in High Definition Sound System

S/PDIF Digital output

1 Built-in Microphone

4 Built-in Speakers

Pointing Device

Integrated Touchpad with Scrolling function


Full Sized Keyboard with Numeric Key Pad

Windows Hot keys

Integrated with Hot Keys for LCD Brightness, Suspend, Panel/CRT Display

Hot Keys for E-Mail, Web Browser, and Application

2 user definable gaming hot key

I/O Ports

1 HDMI output Port

1 DVI output Port (no HDCP support)

1 eSATA Port (VISTA only)

4 USB 2.0 Ports

4 Audio Jacks

1 RJ-45 LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)

1 RJ-11 Modem

1 IEEE-1394a Fire Wire


1 Express Card 34 / 54 Slot

7-in-1 Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/SD/Mini-SD)


Built-in 56K MDC modem with V.90 & V.92 compliant

Built-in Gigabit Ethernet LAN

Bluetooth™ V2.1 + EDR module

Intel® Wi-Fi Link 5300AGN 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN

This is the be all and end all of i7 setups.

Uses desktop CPU/Mobo and hence weighs a tonne but boy you will be the envy of everyone, but will need a mortgage to pay for it.

To me it looks VERY dull though.

Sager NP9280 Specs

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Single GPU = FAIL

The Sager 9262 can beat it in video games most likely.

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Guest Michael G.

The laptop will play nearly any top end game you throw at it, though not as "well" as a dual gpu card.

But its CPU horsepower will kill any other laptop. Look up crysis benchmarks on this machine, it kills any other laptop (the game is CPU intensive).

More to life than games, at the cost of this machine, its used to make money (work), not to say it cant be used for some videogames

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The laptop replaces the D901C. Same size, same style chassis, mostly same features, yet they gimped the graphics.

The only alternative from Clevo is the inferior model that has a crappy lower res screen and crappy laptop quad core CPUs.

Clevo should have used a desktop GPU or waited and built the laptop around the LGA ll56.

Also this laptop still only has 4 USB ports, only 1 Esata, only 2 video outs and only 1 LCD.

It also has the same keyboard as the D901C that lacks dedicated Home, End, Page up, and Page down keys. (Very bad for programming)

The laptop probably also has another realtek non 7.1 sound chipset.

My homemade laptop can have much more computing power (and of course gaming power) running a up to a GTX 295 (possible upgrade) as well as the Core 2 Quad.

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this... A friend of mine, happy user of this site's drivers, recommended this site to me after hearing about my problem.

The problem in question, first brought up by someone else:

"OK, First post. The D900F meets all my needs but one. I need to drive an external display at 2560X1600 (NEC LCD3090WQXi) and that seems to require dual-link DVI. The photos of the DVI connector on the D900F look like a dual-link DVI-D connector and some Clevo/Sager report a dual-link DVI interface. But elseware in this thread (page 84) and in a couple other places I have seen where the D900F does not have or does not 'support' dual-link. So my questions:

1. Has anyone in this forum tried to drive an external diplay at 2560x1600?

2. Does the D900F truly support dual-link?

3. If the D900F does not support dual-link, where is the limitation? graphics card? mother board? something else?

4. Is the limitation something that could be worked around for example, through wiring, new drivers, new video card, new firmware, new motherboard!, etc.?

5. Is there an i7 laptop that does support dual-link?

Thanks for all your help to get me even this far."

To which I replied:


I'm quoting this post from some time ago as the question really interests me and it seems it hasn't been answered yet.

I am the - so far happy - owner of a D900F computer. I asked the company I bought it from before purchasing it wether it would support an external 30 inches monitor in its full 2560x1600 resolution - one of the main criterias for my laptop choice - and was told it would support it just fine, except for the Apple model for some reason.

I now have the D900F in hands and connected a Dell 3007WFP 30 inches monitor to it. The maximum resolution I seem to be able to get is 1280x800. I tried connecting a Samsung Syncmaster 305T Plus 30 inches monitor to it. Same thing. I saw that "problem" mentioned on tomshardware (http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/eurocom-d900f-panther,2354-6.html). nVIDIA's website page for the nVIDIA Geforce GTX 280M graphic card that's powering the D900F says under Specifications that the Maximum Digital Resolution and Maximum VGA Resolution are 2048x1536.

Any chance you guys can shed some light on this? Am I just not going to be able to support a 2560x1600 resolution on my 30, or is there a way?

Thanks in advance."


"I am posting about this again.

After trying out the two 30 inches screens without any success at getting a resolution higher than 1280x800 (connecting them both through DVI cable or HDMI to DVI cable), I bought a DVI to VGA adapter which I plugged in the laptop to link it to a VGA 24" Samsung monitor, a VGA 23" Samsung monitor and a VGA 19" LG monitor... without any success. Even after installing the monitor's drivers and seeing the monitor recognized by the Computer Management panel, the NVIDIA Control Panel, and the Display Settings.

This is really disappointing. Am I doing something wrong, or is that monster not capable of handling any external monitor properly?

My reseller is waiting for answers from Clevo and Nvidia about it, but any help is appreciated really!

Thanks in advance."

Would the use of this site's drivers be of any help in my case?

Thanks in advance for your time, any help will be greatly appreciated!

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I was under the impression that all of the newer high end Clevo machines supported dual link. (with a recent driver)

Someone here has probably tested it. Resellers post here as well.


Maybe your drivers are just out of date or your doing something wrong.

I've never gotten my hands on a dual link display though so I can't really help you with this.

Even the D901C and the 8660, etc should all support dual link, and the 9850 should too.

If there is a limitation it would be with the BIOS or the motherboard if you have the 280M.

This laptop may need a new BIOS version for that feature to work probably.

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