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Hey all,

I am running a Dell XPS 1730m will dual 8800m GTX in SLI. I recently upgraded to the Windows 7 RC and it said that I needed the new drivers from Nvidia.

I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them. On reboot, it will load to the Windows loading screen and then reboot. I then tried a clean install of the RC, same deal. I then tried the last 4 release of drivers prior to the current one. Same problem.

Finally I uninstalled the RC and reinstalled Vista. Again I have the same problem. I have tried the last 5 released drivers from Nvidia with no luck. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be or how I can fix it?

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Look like your GPU has failed, mine stopped working also a few days ago. I am still under warranty but Dell has no cards in stock so have been told to wait for at least 30days before they will act, the customer service suck tbh "Dell Hell"

Good luck calling dell

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Yeah I have stripped the laptop and blown it out and cleaned it. Still no joy.

I didn't have a Torc set to get the heatsinks off and see if the GPU have fried.

I'm beginning to think that one of the GPUs has died.

Does anyone know if I can manually unhook one of the cards and run with just one? At least that way I could play something on this dam laptop!!

Looking at ordering a new set online now.

Was really hoping it was a driver problem.

Oh and joy of joys, my warranty ran out last month!!

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You can't manually remove just one card.

Dell's 8800M GTX SLI solution is actually 2 cards soldered together (pretty retarded if you ask me), if one has failed, both of them are screwed.

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Have you gone into safe mode, run driver sweeper, and tried to install from there?

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