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Windows wont boot normally


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I have a HP nx9500 with the Go5700

I tried to update my card with the drivers here. But after following all the methods:

-Uninstalling in safe mode

-Using driver cleaner

-Rebooting then installing using the modded inf with have disk method

After my comp boots up and passes through the windows xp screen. My screen goes blank but the backlighting is on. Then after waiting about 2-3 minutes I get a flashing blue screen. Its very hard to make out the bsod since it keeps flashing. I've booted in safe mode again and tried 3 other drivers but its still the same thing... I've then tried to get the oem driver using windows update for it. But now all I get is a blank screen, no backlighting. Any help appreciated =)

Drivers tested:





These drivers were just tested randomly. Im just trying to get it to work again. :)

I was able to make out certain info on the bsod. It just gives me a big headache knowing the bsod flashes every split seconds.

It says something bout an infinite loop. And I also tried to get down the numbers.

0x000000EA 0x8A5CDCB0 0x8A6CEAA0 0xF78CECBC 0x00000001

Something like so. I'm Still working on it and tried searching up on this nv4_disp infinite loop. But so far nothing has worked.

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