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GFX upgrade - HD3650 or 9600GT


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I 'm having problems with my ati x1800 gfx card for the 4th time now, bluescreens and heat issues. My warranty have expired so sending it to FJ to get repaired isnt gonna happen ( done it 2 times already and the problem doesnt go away ). I know this is a known issue for this laptop, to bad i found out after i bought it.

I came across this forum and been reading some here, and i hear mixed stuff about the 2 cards i mentioned. Im looking for a gfx card with ddr3 memory, so i will probably buy one of the cards in the topic. Now I want to ask which one you guys would choose if you were me? I read that the cards can have start up issues such as 30 sec countdown and some beeps, this wouldnt be a problem for me as long as the performance doesnt suffer.

What card would you choose?

What BIOS and vBIOS do i need?

Does the heatsink need any mods for the cards to fit?

Thanks a bunch guys, great forum, i have found alot of useful stuff here.


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you should try getting the 99999mgtxxx instead. it has 99999999999gb of ddr5 memory

no 30 sec countdown to orgasms

make sure you coat the heatsinks with semen instead of thermal paste.

youll need bios 69 and vbios 12629

youll need to mod the heatsinks to be shaped like a p****

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Someone who actually have something useful to write is welcome to post.

And for the "funny" guy with a p**** fixation needs to grow up and get a life and a girlfriend.. or in your case i think a boyfriend would be better.

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The 9600M is superior in every way to the 3650. But it also runs a bit hotter. Unfortunately I don't know much about Amillo Notebooks, but I know some of them are the same as some Alienware notebooks.

So try to search for the Alienware model that corresponds to your FS model and see what that laptop can take. You can even put the Alienware Bios on the FS to make sure any new card gets properly recognized.

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Ok thanks, I will probably buy a HD3650 since it seems that it works better for my notebook. Shame though, 9600m GT seems like a pretty good card.

But i guess HD3650 is better then x1800 so either way it will be an improvement.

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From notebookcheck.net

Model ......................................................................................... 3DMark01 3DMark03 3DMark05 3DMark06

1 NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT NB9P-GS 32 500 1250 800 128 10 65 ... 26807 ..... 14889 ..... 9592 ..... 5063

2 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 M86 120 600 600 700 128 10.1 55 ...... 22425 ...... 9627 ...... 7543 ..... 3517

3 ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 M58 12 6 450 450 500 256 9c 90 ............19000...... 10000....... 5600...... 2681

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Anyone who got the 9600m GT working for the Xi 1546 without extensive modding? If it would be possible to run that card in my notebook i would most def buy that one, but i have read that it got issues with throttle the 3d clocks and such.

HD3650 is still better then the x1800 in performance and most important it generates less heat then the x1800, kinda important for my laptop :)

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