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Noticed of late folk looking for OEM original drivers for their NVIDIA based Notebooks.

We have a page that filters the driver to your PCI_ID and SUBSYS numbers to make this a very simple job.

But alas very few seem to use it.

So here goes OEM or even just plain driver download instructions:


You have a Notebook with a NVIDIA GPU

You want a WHQL driver from your OEM

But you have no idea where to go or what the latest is.

First step:

Goto Control panel and find System properties then device manager or right click on 'My Computer' then properties

You will see this:


Now find the above to get your PCI_ID and SUBSYS number that will be needed later.

Now go to the drivers page as shown below (I'd say most of you will not even know it there :))


In the 2 boxes circled below enter the PCI_ID and SUBSYS numbers.

Select which OS version(s) you would like drivers for.

It will only show drivers that we host with your exact PCI_ID and SUSSYS numbers.


Below is what I get for my setup as an example.


Now get to it and no more questions of what is the latest official driver for my Notebook

Enjoy :)

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Might it be possible for you to use PNG for the screenshots, instead of JPG? Those JPGs are full of artifacts, and it hurts my eyes.

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It cant find anything for my PCI_ID and SUBSYS.

If i leave the operating system out of it, it will find drivers, but when i include Windows 7 x64, it finds nothing


That means either we don't have driver in out database for your exact setup or your OEM has not released a driver for Win7

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