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Where does one find a decent barebone notebook kit?


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Where do people shop for barebone notebook kits? I'm curious on prices and what type of hardware they come with.

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Clevo barebones reseller.

You can buy them without CPUs, Hard drives, wifi, and operating systems. Pretty much the way clevo ships them barebones.

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Thank you for the response. I hadn't stumbled upon rjtech yet. Turns out the price is very similar to that of just purchasing a Sager from Sager. I was curious because when I do get a new laptop I don't want to dick around with OEM HDDs and RAM as I would just pick up some good stuff.

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Sager, Power notebooks, and others will also sell barebones or partial barebones models.

I have personally talked to Power notebooks agents and they will sell configurations with less parts than what is listed on their site. (also they have better prices than Sager I think)

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Well, here are few good ones:

RjTech - rjtech.com
Elements at Work - elementsatwork.com
Ava direct - avadirect.com


good luck mate

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