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Screen Problems with Acer Aspire 8920G


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Guest Puzzled

Been having the same problem with my screen for two months. I've been using the external monitor but today the same thing started happening to the monitor. The monitor works when hooked up to another computer. This seems to.be a new problem because I haven't found anyone where the monitor stops working. I'm open to all suggestions. PLEASE HELP, can't afford a new computer right now. Can still see the screen when a light is shone on it.


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Hi all,

I too have fallen victim to the Acer 8920g "black screen of death". I bought the system in '08' and have just started getting the fault. I have contacted Acer who said that they have never heard of this fault before.......They did offer to replace the BACKLIGHT (strange that i only metioned that the screen was faulty but they knew exactly what part was required) for AUS $219 as it was out of warranty. I have decided that we need to get a case together to get the product either recalled or repaired at no cost. Consumer Law states that the product must last a REASONABLE amount of time. Reasonable is not defined under the act but as I paid $2500 for mine, I would expect a benchmark of roughly 5 years. I was lucky mine lasted this long but I know there are people who had the issue just after the warranty expired.

If you would like to get involved please e-mail me at Acer_Class_Action@hotmail.com. You will need to provide your name and address (optional), Country and SNID number of your unit. Also the manufacture date, model and a brief statement of what the fault is what correspondance you have had from Acer (if any).

This is not a scam nor a joke. The total cost for lodging an appeal under VCAT in Australia is $37 which I will be paying. We need to stand up to these companies rather than let them walk all over us and expect us to pay for their mistakes.


Feel free to re-post on other forums and spread the word!

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We have that reasonable point in our consumer protection here, too but I doubt it never covers laptop nearing 4 years. Probably somewhere between 2 - 3 years I guess.

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Hi, Ive read the entire thread here but still havent found the answer to my problem as I think its a bit different from what youve experienced. Couple days ago the screen in my Aspire 8920 started flashing. As this is quite an old machine (almost 4 years old but never had any problems with it) I turned it off right away fearing that my screen was dying. I left it turned off for about 20 mins and turned it back on. Worked perfect. Today the same problem has occurred. I did the same: I turned it off properly and waited 20mins. When I hit the switch the laptop turned on BUT the screen wouldnt turn on. All LEDs and external lights are working. What I noticed is that the system isnt loading up (HDD led isnt flashing, no Windows sounds etc). I cannot bring up either BIOS or use Fn & F6 as the screen remains pitch black. Im running Windows Vista Home 32 (the system my machine came with) and I havent installed anything extraordinary on it. Ive tried removing batteries, power cords, all combinations, still nothing. Please, has anyone encountered the similar problem?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, many thanks!

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my dad has the same problem with the Aspire 7551g i tried everything but it didt work but now i put the battery out and in and it works again

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Been looking at this today and it seems to have started working again, though not entirely sure how, and am just waiting for it to go off again!

I have little knowledge of the insides of a laptop, but I got bored of not being able to use it for about the last year, so in the end i just undid every screw i could find, unplugged bits and pieces inside, gave the fan a clean, unplugged the hdd and then put it all back together, excepting the left hand power cable cover. I didn't do anything with the actual screen side of things, just the base. (FYI my issue was similar to a couple of others where the screen was not even showing on an external monitor (in this case my tv using hdmi cable), so asumed that if it was hardware it would more likely be the graphics display rather than the screen itself).

When i turned it back on (tbh I was surprised it actually came back on...) then it pretty much went off again, but after a couple of Fn+F6's it's now been on for the last two hours. Obviously way too early to get too excited (in fact the only thing I have actually managed to do on it since then is install the 83 windows updates...).

I have also reduced the power plan to "energy saving" just in case, and done the fn+left arrow to reduce brightness, so tbh it could actually just be that these "fixes" are why it is back on.... In addition, I note that my battery had completely run down (this problem started for me June 2011, but at the time I just went and bought a new computer instead of looking to repair) - not sure whether this is a pertinent point.

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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I just had to answer.


Just came across with the same problem with the exact same model laptop (8920G).

Fix for this unit was changing the inverter and cross connecting the backlight power cables.

There are two power cables, a longer (red and white) and a shorter (blue and black)

and the inverter has two connection adapters. I connected the longer cable to the nearest adapter

and the shorter in the farthest and everything works fine, for now. I can't rememer how they were

connected because I didn't disassemble this computer, but this is how I connected them for testing if

there is any difference. With the older inverter, the problem existed.


Sorry for my english, it's not my native language and I hope this helps if someone is still having issues with this problem.

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Hello all


Have the same problem 1 year now (Screen cannot stay bright). I changed the inverter, problem is still there... but I found the solution. NEVER buy an Acer laptop again.


Before that I had other problems as well, first bios was stuck, paid 30 euros for just a key combination to reset the bios because I didnt know, 2nd time that happened i knew what to do... Then I changed motherboard because while was on Windows 7 or Vista was reseting the laptop. Only with Windows XP was working ok (but that was on warranty).


And now a problem again, the screen problem... Enough with Acer laptops guys, ENOUGH!!!

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I have the Acer Aspire 8920G


When I raised the lid (screen) more than one inch the screen went blank. After much frustration I decided to rule out the obvious internal components (Hard Drive and Memory). Checked the hard drive on my desktop and it ran fine. Next, I removed one of the 2gig sticks of RAM. This corrected the screen problem without further investigation. Replacement stick of RAM ordered!

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Same problem here with 8920G since 2015. Replaced at this date the inverter without success, then this laptop was operated with an external display.

Now, I have some time to work on the subject. My idea is to check the signals at inverter input.

I found the pinout by reverse engineering (and compared to other inverters).

What I have seen:

- Fn F6 makes the on/off control signal to go up (few volts) or down (0v).

- In some specs of similar inverters (TDK) I found that there is an embedded lamp failure check which turns off the inverter after 3 seconds, which is similar to what we exeprience.

- Not yet found the spec of TDK TBD489NR which is the actual inverter.

- Strange (?) : When on mains only without battery the supply voltage of the inverter is 19V, When with battery only it is 13.8V. In the specs of more or less all inverters at TDK their supply voltage is said 12V +/- 1.2V

- Seen the dimming signal running

- Seen also that when the backlight shuts down there is no change in the two control signals (on/off and dimming).

Any news on the subject (I now, this system is old... )

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The solution was:

- extract the two lamps from the panel. Not easy, you have to remove the metal plate which is behind the display panel, at the bottom, the lamps are very close the bottom at the edge of the panel. Extract the lamps carrier, and then the two tubes together from the carrier. Carefully look to remember how this assembly is.

- remove the protection compound at each end of the lamps, to get complet access to their solder point. This can be done with a surgical blade tool.

- Check if the wires solder points are correct and if not cut.

In my case, the blue wire was cut just at the solder point. Not obvious how this may happen because there is no mechanical constraint at this level. It looked more like some chemical corrosion due to I dont know what manufacturing process.

After repair, the two lamps were functional and the display was OK with the carrier only put close the  panel edge.

Then I then broke one of the tubes when trying to mounts them "correctly" in the panel, but this is another story...

If you plan to do this, take great care to the lamps, and have a careful look at the relative position of the tubes carrier and the metal plate in the panel.

Good luck.

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Guest Ahimaraya

Hello everyone,

I have the Acer 8920g since 2008, and I think I've been able to solve the problem.

A few years ago, I had this problem and I solved it by pressing fn + f6 for a long time until the screen worked correctly, until after a while the screen lost its brightness again.

However, this frustrated me so I kept the laptop in a drawer until today, to see if I could get it back. I noticed that he continued to do the same.

Then I have done the following: I pressed with my finger the letters 'acer' that appear at the bottom of the screen, pressing them a bit, until the screen has appeared without doing anything! 

I think the problem in my case is that the screen had some loose contact at the bottom, and now it is working correctly. I have restarted several times and the screen has not turned black.

I hope this helps someone!


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