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Windows 7 update: My screen just got over-saturated!


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Hello all.

I've just hit my first graphics problem in as long as I can remember.

Last night I was messing around in device manager, letting Windows look for updated drivers - as this never really worked in XP but seems to do a pretty good job in Windows 7.

I'd just downloaded the desktop and laptop versions of the latest 195.55 nV driver release, but hadn't installed them.

For kicks, before installing them myself, I decided to see if Windows would find the drivers in the Microsoft Windows Update pool.

Sure enough, it found what it called an updated driver for my graphics chip.

I had been previously using 195.39 or 195.50 (not sure) so I let it go ahead.

When it had finished installing I saw that it had downgraded to something like 186.01[?].

I notice that this driver was labelled with Microsoft as the publisher.

I left this installed because I was going to bed and decided to shut down my computer.

Today, I fired up the computer and all of the colours are way too vivid and over-saturated!

I thought "sod this" and manually updated to 195.55.

Whilst 195.55 was installing I noticed the colour went back to normal - temporarily :)

After it had finished the install it was back to being messed up.

I used the "roll back" option and went back to 186.01[?]

Oddly, the colour went back to normal - with the driver that screwed it up in the first place!?

I'm not sure if I rebooted but I then tried reinstalling 195.55 again.

The colour stayed okay and I definitely rebooted this time.

Upon startup the colour seemed to be okay, but after the two seconds between my desktop appearing and all the taskbar startup programs loading, the colour over-saturated itself again automatically!

What has happened here?

What did Microsoft do?

Is it something to do with colour profiles?

There doesn't seem to be a colour profile associated, yet I see there are a lot to choose from.

The Windows colour calibration test seemed okay, although I didn't bother following through to the end or changing anything.

I don't want to attempt a manual calibration.

I want it set as it is supposed to be.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment,


Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and DirectX 11

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After reading a post elsewhere I've just found that the Digital Vibrance slider in the nV colour settings was set to 90%.

I just slid it back to 50% and my screen looks normal again.

Does anyone know the 'actual' default setting for this?

I just want to make sure that my colour is bang on - for when I'm checking and adjusting the colour in my photos.

Cheers all.

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Guest Dan Da Man

that's awesome d3v. i had the same problem after upgrading to windows 7 and reinstalling drivers. spent all day trying to fix it until i found your solution. thanks!

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