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I have a problem which has been occasionally mentioned on the Net but nobody seems to have a fix. I have a Dell 1720 Inspiron laptop, 8400M GS, Win7 32 Ultimate upgraded from Vista 32 Home Premium. I have the 1920x1200 screen and a 21-inch Nec MultiSynch FP 1370 as second monitor. I'm running the latest official release, 195.62.

The exceptional thing is that neither Windows nor Nvidia's software will allow the LCD panel to display more than 16-bit (high color) color depth, so no Aero, among other things. This was not true of the ancient driver I had on Vista (denominated '', whatever that means, and dated 10/4/2007.

If I boot into Vista, I get Aero, 32-bit, everything's fine.

Oddly, 195.62 allows me to call for 32-bit color on my external, second monitor, but that's not good enough to get Aero going.

If I try the nVidia control panel's custom settings, it still won't allow me to set bit depth to 32 -- it just says the monitor doesn't support it.

So what is keeping Win 7 or 195.62, or whatever from allowing the laptop's LCD to display True Color (32 bit) and is there anything I can do about it?

Many thanks

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what about this nv_disp.exe?

i was used to a inf-file that you replace, now there is this exe-file. what am i supposed to do with it?

running it doesnt help because a message pops up telling me my windows-version is not compatible to the file.


ok, for some reason, my browser, when i click the "INF modified" link in this thread, asks me to save the file as an exe.

when i rightclick the link and choose "save as" its saving it as an inf-file.


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ASUS M50VN-AS023C - NVIDIA 9650m GT: Used Acronis True Image to restore a Clean Windows 7 x64 installation without graphic driver.

1st Round (18/09/2009):

Before bios update

176.92 - 4812

179.88 - 4982

185.85 Dox - 4905

186.91 - "Crashed"

190.89 - "Crashed"

191.00 - 4655

2nd Round (06/11/2009):

179.88 - 4991

186.69 - 5007

195.39 - 4633

3rd Round (20/12/2009):

179.88 - 4985

182.67 - 4632

185.85 Dox - 4906

186.69 - 5001

187.98 - 4644

195.39 - 4629

195.50 - 4637

195.55 - 4640

195.62 - 4640

195.81 - 4638

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Edit: Oops -- disregard earlier post. I forgot to overwrite the inf with the modded one. The driver installed fine on W7x64Ult. Next I'll try Server08R2.

DEV = 086F

SUBSYS = 10121462

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Have a HP dV9700

HP does not have drivers for XP x64 that I can find.

Need xp x64 drivers for video and motherboard.


Need Win 7 x64 drivers for video and motherboard.

Read post but seen no links to any files.

Please help


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