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A2024 upgrading to 64 bit OS

Guest Edelberto

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Guest Edelberto

Hello everyone,

I have owned a Dell XPS one A2024 for a year. I like the design and features of this machine. The only problem I have had was the hardrive a couple of weeks after I received the machine and Dell replaced it. I have been trying to change my OS from 32 bit to 64 bit both Vista ultimate and Windows 7 ultimate and here is what I have found out. I must add that I ordered my system with the Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT video card. All the driver files that came with this machine have both 32 bit and 64 bit versions except for the video card. The video driver file is only in 32 bit. Before I started my Vista 64 bit installation I went to Nvidia's web site and found a 64 bit beta driver for this card and figured that it was worth a try. The installation went smoothly. When the OS started it defaulted to a standard VGA driver. I got all the 64 bit drivers installed and then tried the Nvidia 64 bit driver. The installation started well and then it stopped and gave me a message stating that the install could not continue because it did not recognize the hardware configuration. Here is where the problem lies. The Nvidia M series drivers are written for laptops which includes different combinations of laptop motherboards. The Dell XPS one machines are basically a desktop (using motherboard designed for a desktop) using certain components designed for a laptop. Dell during the design phase of this unit had a driver for this card specifically written for this hardware configuration in 32 bit only (can't understand why the 64 bit was not written). The machine runs great in 64 bit with the exception of the video. So I went back to 32 bit and at the same time tried talking to Dell support and even tried the sales dept requesting that they pass this info to the appropriate people. Of course once you have bought the machine no one at Dell wants to listen.

Now the second part of this saga.

Just before the release of Windows 7, I decided to purchase Windows 7 Ultimate full edition. I called Dell sales dept and asked about driver support for 64 bit. I was assured that the Nvidia card would have a 64 bit driver that worked so I went ahead and purchased the OS through them. When I received it, I decided to do a clean install in 64 bit. Again all the 64 bit drivers installed and the OS came up with the standard VGA adapter. At the same time Windows downloaded updates and one of the updates was the driver for the video card. Boy, was I glad to see that. The driver installed correctly and everything was working fine for about five minutes when the monitor went black for ten seconds and came back with a message saying that the graphics driver had stopped and had recovered. This occurs every two to three minutes and I also noticed that my mouse is erratic and the pointers change shape. This tells me that there is a memmory conflict although in the divice manager says that both are working with no conflicts. At this point I have rolled back the video driver back to VGA and the mouse works fine. I am also able to keep the resolution at 1900 x 1200.

This might also apply to other video cards. As far as the Nvidia 9M series cards, I know I can upgrade from the 9600M to the 9800M because the drivers are the same keeping in mind what I said above about the hardware configuration.

I welcome and comments or opinions.

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