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Thinking about buying 8600m GT MXM II

Guest Splag

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I've had bad experiences with Chinese people on ebay. I got a memory stick duo that broke the same day it came. I'm almost sure this card is counterfeit also, but as long as it works well I'm ok. Does anyone have experience with ordering an MXM card from a Chinese seller? Is this a terrible idea?

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Worst Graphics card you could ever waste your money on, I'm having problems with my 8600gt.. even thought it was suppose to be fixed in Q4 2008 when I waited 3 months for mobo to be replaced cause 8600gt was (and is again) having freezes and then sudden fps drops during games.. where only a reboot will fix it.. read about the gfx here http://www.tgdaily.com/hardware-features/39045-nvidia-gpu-failures-caused-by-material-problem-sources-claim

but I don't know if the problem is fixed and if this model that is on sell is redesigned and fixed? I'm still on my 2 year guarantee and plan to contact Toshiba next year January.. if anyone here has any advice of what I should do? It will be much appreciated,

thank you!

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Thanks for the warning, but could you recommend another card? I was thinking about going with the radeon HD 3650... but otherwise I might just give the 8600 GT a shot since my old crappy 7600 go has gone bad.

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