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9800M GTS Memory

Guest Vincent

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Guest Vincent

Hi, I upgraded my notebook with 9800m gts but now my memory shows 2.5 gb from 3gb (actually it has 4gb but you know windows 32bit issues).

So my question; does 9800m gts use system memory?

in system info it says

total graphics memory 1535

dedicated video memory 512

shared system memory 1023 mb

btw I've checked with xp sp2 and windows 7.

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Do you need to use 32 bit and not 64? I haven't noticed any issues with my 9800 GTS, but I am running 64 bit..

Edit: Also, I have the 1 GB version, not the 512 MB.

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Basically everything runs fine on 64 bit though, so the only difference is installing 64 bit drivers instead of 32 bit ones and you get two program files folders.

It may have something to do with OpenCL. I think this is the first version that includes support for it on that card, and maybe Windows reserves that...although I could be completely wrong about that.. I wouldn't put it past them though because almost all new systems are using 64 bit now, unless you buy a netbook or something because there is almost full support for 64 bit (and if you have 7 pro or better, you get a virtual of xp 32 (assuming your system has a good cpu and proper bios config) that can handle any old hardware that they won't write new drivers for..).

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