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8600M GT in Windows Se7en


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So here's the thing. I've recently said goodbye to my old good Vista 64 and switched to Se7en 64. Overall, I was impressed with lower RAM consumption, faster startup and so on. Until... I tried playing some games. I've tested few newest titles that I'd previously played on Vista and encountered a huge drop in performance. Modern Warfare 2 which was around 30 FPS surprised me with less than 20. Same goes with Prototype. What I also noticed was lower Windows Experience Index than Vista'a. Graphics dropped from 5,9 to 5,6 and gaming graphics from 5,5 to 5,3 (though CPU jumped from 5,3 to 6,0).

I've tried switching to different drivers: 186.81, 185.55 (used these on Vista), dox's 185.85; all for nothing.

I'm using Dell XPS M1530 laptop

CPU T8300 2,4GHz

RAM 4GB 667MHz

GPU 8600M GT / nvidia's 186.81 drivers / default clocks, stable temps

HDD Seagate 320GB 7200rpm

Windows Se7en 64bit Professional

Any ideas ?

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I don't mean to sound like "Captain Obvious" But isn't this the age old thing? I mean this same comment has been going since 98 to 2k to xp and so on. I mean with OS's constantly improving aren't they becoming more demanding hence the reason why hardware constantly improves. I really am not trying to be rude by this comment. :)

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I experienced the opposite. All of my Windows Experience Index scores all went up across the board. I haven't done a whole lot of gaming since Win7 came out, but all of my benchmark tests have been consistent. Right now I am using Nvidia's WHQL Notebook driver (195.62) and everything works perfectly. I wonder why your fps would suffer like that though... :)

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