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Problems installing new 195.62 drivers

Guest vinnylol

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Guest vinnylol

Yesterday, I downloaded the new 195.62 laptop drivers, and when I tried to install, there was a prompt that said it has detected an older driver version and will remove them. So after it has removed the old drivers and restarted the computer, it began installing. All was well until when the progress bar reached the halfway mark. It stalled there for 10-15 minutes without moving, so I closed the installer and there was this error 'Nvidia control panel could not be installed, restoring previous driver'. When I restarted the computer, the screen became blank after the windows loading bar, even though sound still could be heard. So I went to safe mode and tried installing the drivers again, but the same thing happened with the blank screen. Even when I installed the old drivers, it still happened. The only way to fix this was a system restore.

So after looking through the nvidia forums, I tried another method of installing the 195.62 drivers. Firstly, I tried to uninstall my old drivers from the programs and features in the control panel. Then, I restarted to safe mode and used driver sweeper to clean the remaining old driver files. But after another restart (normal Windows), the screen became blank again.

I have spent almost an entire day just trying to install these drivers. I've heard that they give a fps boost to some games. Does anyone have the same problem (progress bar stuck halfway)? Or does anyone have any method to install the new drivers successfully?

I appreciate your help, thanks.

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