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Acer Aspire 7720 - InsydeH20 bios problem

Guest disaksen

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Guest disaksen

Hope someone is able to help me get my Acer 7720 up and running again. Have an Acer Aspire 7720 that I downgraded from Vista to Windows XP Pro. All was working fine until I tried to download and install the Acer Empowering Technology Framework. During the later stage of the installation process, we had a power outage. When power was restored, I tried to boot the laptop and received a request for me to enter a bios password. No bios password had been set by me, so I'm no longer able to get the laptop booted because of the bios password issue. Acer Tech Support said they could clear the password at a cost of $125.00 if I shipped them the laptop, ... even though the laptop was still under warrantee at the time. Would sure appreciate any help that might get my problem resolved without having the spend the the money to have it fixed.


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Guest Mastermindit

Do you solved the problem with BIOS-password already?

I have same problem and hope there is an master-password or something ...

Hope to hear from you soon.

gr René

To remove Acer laptop bios password or hard drive password the best service I have found is www.unlockbiosrecovery.com they are located in Silicon Valley, CA USA and have a phone number that people answer in case you get stuck. They service Insyde H20 bios passwords which is found in newer laptops from HP, Compaq, Acer and other laptops. They guarantee to unlock your bios or hard drive or your money back. They have helped me with over a dozen bios passwords.

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I had the same issue in effect, a previous owner of my Acer 4710 laptop pawned it without disclosing the PW... The Pawnshop couldn't help me either, they were unaware it had one. If anyone still suffers from Acer's unwillingness to help, as I also faced the same, revert to YouTube for a remedy, a search there will or should provide you with someone willing to help for free.

What you need to provide is the digit code shown on your screen after 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in, at which point the next keypress just shuts your system down.

The framework for Acer's eKey is HDD stored like a program and shouldn't be hard to reinstall over again.

I saw this same laptop at a Goodwill store silent auction, in which it had bidding up to $51 at the time, hours before it ended that day. It's an impressive 17 inch in the Acer Aspire Gemstone series designed by BMW

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As-tu essayez sans rien rentrer du tout?? Sinon va voir la ou tu a acheter ton pc et demande leur ;).



etui samsung galaxy s7 housse samsung galaxy s7

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