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A Few Questions on older Nvidia


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Ok I am new here and trying to get as much life out of my old laptop as possible. I have a Toshiba Satellite p15-s409 it has a nvidia go fx5100 with a mere 32 mb of memory so here are my questions.

I am in the process of downloading the drivers and modded inf for windows7 for this card from the drivers page.

I am also currious if this card might benefit from a bios flashing to open up locked features extra if so what would you recomend (I know this is to be done at my own risk)

also is there a way around the stupid 32 mb problem maybe a software program to utilize shared memory or something?

Like I said this is all pretty much new to me.

and yes I installed windows 7 on a limited 8 year old laptop and believe it or not it runs half decent for what it is better than vista did.

the only probelm I havent been able to solve besides video is the built in sd card reader it claim drivers are loaded but claims no resorces so device not loaded. I have been unable to find a chipset driver for this reader since when you look in device manager it says Toshiba instead of giving a pci_id # any ideas on this problem would be greatly apreciated too.



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This thread applies to your card too:

Unfortunately, with only 32MB, you may not even be able to run Aero Glass at 1024x768. If it doesn't work at that resolution, try 800x600 or just turn off Aero Glass.

Before you try the newer drivers, start with 98.13 (and the modded inf).

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