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GeForce FX Go5600 driver


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I have a GeForce FX Go5600 graphics card and I saw the have disk tutorial and coincidentally, it uses the same video card and in the example, it used a 97.27 driver. So I installed it and aero glass was finally enabled and I looked around and someone else recommended the 98.13 driver to a guy with a FX Go card so I am trying it and it seems a bit better than the 97.27 card (97.27 driver had laggy video). So is there a way to check if a driver works better than another driver and I was wondering if there is a better driver that I should use. If possible, I want to enhance performance because my laptop is really old and I only have 512 mb of ram on my laptop but I still need aero.

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Known good Vista/W7 diver for the FX series:


Drivers reported to work:




Be sure to use the modded inf with each one.

If you have 64MB or less VRAM, Aero Glass will be limited to 1024x768 resolution.

Please let us know what works and what doesn't.

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Guest churchy


I use a Nvidia Geforce FX Go5600 , too - in a Toshiba-Notebook.

Now, I updated to Windows 7 and put a new Blu-Ray-Rom into the Notebook.

The above described Nvidia-drivers work fine within Windows 7. I have nice pictures and DVD-Movies with Power-DVD on the screen.

But when I want to watch a bluray-movie I have only the sound and a completely pink Window in Cyberlink Power-DVD.

Does anybody have any Idea, why this happens and what I can do to solve this problem?

Thanks for help.


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Blu-Ray requires an unmodified WHQL driver as part of its DRM protection. Unfortunately, none of the drivers you mentioned are WHQL and I don't know of a W7 driver for FX cards that is.

Your best bet is to find a WHQL Vista driver in the 97.xx or 98.xx range and force it to install. Instead of using Setup, do an upgrade from the Device Manager. Uncheck the "Show compatible devices" box and lie about which card you have. Quite a few people have succeeded with Blu-Ray using this method.

Good luck!

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