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How to tell if 5 GHz supported?


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Like many other people I have a laptop with a wireless-N card based on the Atheros 928x chipset, and now that I have a new dual-band router I have discovered that it doesn't seem to work at 5 GHz. But how can I be sure? Capabilities seem to appear and disappear depending on the driver version I install. I have seen the posts saying that some 928x implementations have 5 GHz support and some don't, but what exactly can I look for on the wireless card to know which version I have?

Does Atheros have some kind of utility software to check this? The Atheros driver and utilities I have on the laptop include settings for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything if it's a case of some optional chip being left out.

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Pals, if you want to use the 5GHz mode on your AR928x card, it depends on the type of your wifi card. The best way to identify your card is to remove the deck and read the label on the card.. If you have AR9281 it is the single-band card, so it supports only 2,4 GHz, and if you have AR9280, it´s the dual-band card which supports 5GHz as well

I copy/Paste from another site

Found this i got a asus M70vm only 2.4 not 5 ghz

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Thanks, but unfortunately I could not see what Atheros chip was used under the RF shield on the card. All I know is that the software reports Atheros 928x.

After stripping a couple of covering labels and bits of tape from the card, I found that it was actually labeled Azurewave AW-NE771, Model AR5B91, Model AR5B91x (yes, it has two model numbers), and 802.11 b/g/n.

I was unable to find any specific information on the 5GHz support or lack thereof for any of these model numbers. Azurewave lists an AW-NE770 module on their web site, but even a single digit difference in model number could be significant.

Even though Asus listed 802.11a support in the laptop specifications, the wireless card itself does not. I'm more inclined to believe the label on the card, since the Asus specs have proved to be wrong before.

I did find forum posts from several people asking about the 5-GHz support of this specific card in Asus laptops. There were a few answering posts saying that it doesn't have 5 GHz capability, and no posts saying that it does. Asus did not respond to my question on their support forum, nor to a direct warranty support request.

The question is resolved sufficiently to satisfy me, so I've included all these model numbers in this post for other people to find when they search.

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You can use a Linux utility ath_info to check it...

There's a small (4MB) Live CD version available here...


Use this to make the Live CD workable on a USB drive...




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