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Guest sonikdreem

Why, after upgrading to Windows 7 32 bit, does my Nvidia card no longer get recognized by windows...I cannot even update drivers becasue the system does not see the card installed...

After posting and troubleshooting for the past week from help in other forums on Nvida, Microsoft and SevenForums.com, I have tried everything and others are giving up on me...so I came here for one last chance to get this issue looked at before buying a new card.

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First off, What brand (Laptop)?

If you are currently seeing the screen then it must have loaded some kind of driver for it.

Go to start menu/computer and right click, go to properties, then click on device manager in the upper right corner. about 3 icons down you will see display adapter, click the little triangle beside it, it will drop down whatever driver it loaded. Then right click on it, go to properties, under that window select the details tab at the top, then about 1/3 of the way down you will have a drop down menu....select hardware id's and report back with exactly letter for letter what is on there...it should look similar (but not exactly) to this "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2E22&SUBSYS_0DE3105B&REV_03".

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